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“In reference to Adam Lowenberg and his company, Timeless Renovations. Adam repaired the foundation walls of our home in January and March of 2005. The water in our basement leaked on New Years’ Eve, not very convenient. Adam’s company repaired one wall, but due to the temperature change he was unable to complete the other sides of the house. He used Hydraulic Cement on a few of the problem areas to prevent further water leakage into the basement until the weather allowed him to return and fix the rest of the house. He was very considerate and caring about ensuring that we did not get anymore water leaking until he could repair the rest of the foundation. He told us to call anytime if the water leaked again before the repair and it didn’t.


When his crew started the work on the remainder of the house, they were careful and respectful of our neighbours because we have a shared driveway. They properly protected our neighbours’ and our property. They were always punctual, considerate, tidy, helpful and efficient. We were always informed in advance about what the next steps of the job entailed.


When they replaced an asphalt area with a gate, they took care to fix the gate properly. The gate closed correctly when they finished and it never had in 9 years. Nice attention to detail and caring about what they do.


We would strongly recommend Adam and his team. The day after they completed their work we had a huge down pour and we immediately ran into the basement and it was perfectly dry. We have not had a problem since and now have peace of mind.


Adam may look young, but his work is not”.


Very satisfied costumers,


Gail Rodrigues and Marie-Claude Giroux

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